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Drayton WID Priorities, Goals, and Possible Actions

Goal: Farmers in the Drayton WID have secure (legal) access to sufficient water for agricultural uses


  • (2019) Deep aquifer project - move beyond exploration to develop this as a potential new water source.

  • (2019) Pursue additional legal options to move water around - spreading, piping, waterbank transfer      

  • (2019) Address areas in Water Law that hinder conservation and BMPs (i.e. reliquishment, year-round closures,                 water use calculations.)

Goal: Agricultural activities in the Drayton WID do not cause water quality standards to be exceeded in                      surface water or groundwater bodies within the WID area.


  •  (2019) Continue with the ongoing water quality monitoring & response program

Goal: Internal: WID members are aware of and understand the WID’s priority issues and they participate                                           actively in WID planning and implementation of priority actions.

          External: Non-agricultural residents in the WID area, other external stakeholders and relevant bodies &                                    agencies are aware of, understand and support the Drayton WID’s priority actions


  • (2017) Developed a comprehensive plan for Drayton WID

  • (2019) Coordinate with Ag Water Board to provide positive stories & correct information about agriculture

  • (2019) Public relations....use Family Farmers to dispute information about farming

Goal: Drainage infrastructure and ditches in the Drayton WID are actively and effectively maintatined.


  • (2019) Develop 5 year plan for drainage

  • (2019) Partner with DID #7 to implement drainage improvement and mitigation projects

Goal: Agricultural lands in the Drayton WID are protected from flooding at critical times in the growing season.

Goal: The drayton WID's plans and actions help to protect and enhance water flow processes as well as fish and              wildlife habitats in watersheds within the Drayton WID area.


  • (2019) Habitat - encourage restoration, culvert replacements, buffers, and other practices that

                  benefit fish habitat.

Goal: The Drayton WID's plans and actions contribute to the recognition, protection and strengthening of the                     agricultural base in the WID area.

The WID contains another special purpose district within its boundaries that is dedicated in improving drainage within a portion of the WID.   More information on this district is available at:




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